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the peace house

The little wooden house sits on our kitchen table, typically unnoticed.  My son brought it home from Sunday’s Cool a few weeks ago (yes, that’s what we call it.  Totally different from that old stodgy Sunday school, you know).  It has little disks with velcro on the back, so the peacemaker of the moment can [...]

Lovin’ these links

Links that moved me on a Sunday afternoon:
Billy Coffey from What I Learned Today  shares a story of simple words, different interpretations:  Please Take One
A movement to create peace through music:  Playing for Change

The United Methodist Church considers church as a verb: 

What do you think?  Do they move you too?

be a peace keeper

Ah, the holdays are coming. . . and all that that entails, with high expectations, family gatherings, and of course, peace and joy throughout the world.   Right?
Today I came across this article on RealSimple.com that might be useful in the next couple of months, or really any time of year, to keep lines of communication [...]