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remembering the good, bad and ugly

Like so many people today, I’ve discovered the joy of connecting with old friends via Facebook.   As I bump into childhood buddies, I’ve been flooded with memories of good old times in my hometown. 
I must say, (if I do say so myself), I was a pretty “good” kid.  I got good grades, I had nice [...]

seven quick takes Friday

Quick!  An uncoordinated list of seven quick Friday thoughts, hosted by Jennifer at Conversion Diary:

My daughter’s K-2 school held a belated Martin Luther King day assembly last week.   I wish I could express how amazing it was.  There’s something pure about kindergarteners of multiple races, creeds and languages singing “the world is a rainbow” with a child’s innocence [...]

the fantasy reunion

If money were no object, how would you plan the perfect reunion?
I would invite friends and family who have scattered all over the world and bring them together.  I’d include people from my hometown I haven’t seen in ages, people from college, colleagues from my professional career days, and friends with whom I’ve lost touch.  I’d [...]