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how to encourage a mom

I’m so moved by all of you out there.  Many of you reponded privately to my last post with touching words of gratitude and relief.   I knew there was a need for recognition and validation of the hard work parents do.  I knew we needed to build up our community, not tear it down;  I just [...]

let’s skip the mommy wars

She has that look — a shell of the formerly vibrant, social woman clinging to her last rope, reaching for a shred of hope as the overwhelming waves of chaos crash toward her again.  I know it well.  She’s usually in the back row of my parenting presentations, or quietly listening at the moms’ social [...]

a tribute to wonder women

I continue to be blown away by the awesome power of women. 
I don’t mean the super mom who does everything on her own, but the ordinary person who acts from the heart and pulls others along side her.   It doesn’t matter whether we’re feminist or conservative, career-driven or homemakers, religious or not, women in community have [...]

the dream still resonates

My children are blown away that I didn’t grow up celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. 

I think I learned about the civil rights movement in junior high, and I remember giving a corny “I have a dream” speech for student council.  MLK Junior day was first observed when I was in high school, and it wasn’t [...]

re-reflections on faith

On this snowy Sunday morning, I’m hiding out at home due to this adventure, enjoying the quiet.
On faith was the very first post I wrote for this site, but few of you were around to read it.  I thought I’d run it again.  Let me know what you think. 
Intrigued?  Some thoughtful women have started If Life [...]

revisiting parenting principles

For the new year, I find it helpful to revisit key principles of parenting, faith and other things.  Here’s a post I wrote in the beginning of my blog about parenting:
I lead workshops for parents to build communication and relationship skills.  I do this not because I’m a perfect parent (far from it), but because it [...]

channeling hope

Today I joined the throngs of people flocking to health clubs to get back in shape this week.  I shouldn’t have been surprised by the suddenly packed parking lot and the crowded fitness center at my YMCA:  in January alone, over one million Americans join health clubs each year.  And sadly, up to 75% of those quit [...]

cultivating gratitude

Oh, how I need a good dose of gratitude in my attitude. 
I do have countless blessings for which to be thankful.  I’m thrilled with the hope our new president brings, even if the challenges are tough.  I have friends, family, faith, and stable finances.  If you look from the outside, my life is wonderful.  I should [...]

Confessions of a multitasker

Morning Edition is running a series about new research on multitasking. 
NPR’s Jon Hamilton sums it up like this:
“Multitasking causes a kind of brownout in the brain. Meyer says all the lights go dim because there just isn’t enough power to go around.”
I don’t like hearing this.  Even if I kind of knew it was true. 
I like multitasking.  I [...]

On family: top ten parenting principles

I lead workshops for parents to build communication and relationship skills.  I do this NOT because I’m a perfect parent (far from it), but because it helps me keep working toward getting better each day.  I also believe discussing ideas in community helps everyone concerned.  So, you might think I have my parenting principles boiled down to [...]