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Advent, Charlie Brown, and finding the Christmas spirit

A couple of weeks ago I snuggled on the couch with my daughter and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, the wonderful 1965 classic.   
When I heard Charlie Brown utter these words:  “I think there must be something wrong with me, Linus.  Christmas is coming, but I’m not happy.  I don’t feel the way I’m supposed to [...]

enjoying the aftermath


The days after Christmas are actually my favorites.
The packages are opened, the food is served, the kids are busy, and gift cards are waiting.   And yes, we have tape stuck on the carpet, tags and ribbons everywhere, stocking stuffers with no home, a humongous pile of garbage/recycling, and a slight sense of guilt for the [...]

this will lift your spirits

I’m a sucker for singing men, especially a capella. 
Enjoy this from Straight No Chaser, Indiana University’s men’s a capella troupe:

If you can’t view the video, click on the post title above to go the actual website, and then it should work for you. 
While you’re at it, please check out my site’s new look.  I have some details to [...]

the cookie conspiracy

It feels to me like the cookie currency in my town is getting out of hand.
Don’t get me wrong.  I love cookies as much as the next girl.  I like to bake, and I like to eat, and I’m happy to do my fair share.  I believe cookie making is festive and heartwarming for those [...]


Oh, what a difference a split second makes! 
Yesterday, I was cruising through my Christmas errands:  picking up this, dropping off that, baking up this, shipping off that, stopping by here, shopping by there, and transporting people from place to place.  A light snow fell, promising a white morning blanket and lifting my Christmas spirits.  I was [...]

turning the Christmas corner

I must admit, I’ve been slow getting into the Christmas spirit.  Maybe because we traveled for Thanksgiving weekend.  Maybe because I’ve been working most weekends lately, while all the “good moms” are cooking and crafting and bonding with their families.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been trying not to get too caught up in all the [...]

before you start shopping

Only 41 more days until Christmas! 
For those who celebrate Christmas (or any other December holiday), how does that make you feel?  Excited, energized, and full of joy. . . or stressed, panicked, and overwhelmed? 
Before you jump onto that Christmas machine, take a look at this video (it does have a Christian focus, and I [...]