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breaking down walls

The Berlin Wall was knocked down, chunk by chunk, twenty years ago today.  The event still blows me away. 
I lived in West Berlin in the spring of 1989, just months before the wall tumbled down.  As a college student, I relished the wild spirit of freedom within that weird western island in the middle of communist [...]

is fear turning us topsy turvy?

I received this email announcement yesterday: 
Color me confused.  The potluck itself is no big deal to me –I’m happy to skip preparing a dish– but I cannot find any logical explanation besides irrational fear.  There is [...]

refusing to be enemies

Last week I met Laurie White, the woman who created the inspiring documentary:
refusing to be enemies:  the zeitouna story
This film chronicles the conversations of six Arabic and six Jewish women with ties to Israel and Palestine, a historically war-torn region that still festers today.  Since 2002, the Zeitouna group has gathered biweekly to  dialogue, share [...]

the big picture

Whether you voted for Barack Obama or not, I believe most citizens voted in good conscience.   It makes sense for all Americans to celebrate our amazing, peaceful transition of power, and there’s no denying January 20th, 2009 was a historic day.
Check out these photos of the inauguration experience all around the world.  The first few photos might be [...]

a prayer to share

This prayer posted on David Crumm’s Read the Spirit  moved me, and I had to share it with you on this historic day.  Rev. Woolley was an associate pastor at my church for several years, and I miss her beautiful, poignant prayers!
An Inaugural Prayer for President Obama–and Us
By the Rev. Marsha M. Woolley
    CREATING GOD [...]

the dream still resonates

My children are blown away that I didn’t grow up celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. 

I think I learned about the civil rights movement in junior high, and I remember giving a corny “I have a dream” speech for student council.  MLK Junior day was first observed when I was in high school, and it wasn’t [...]

the view from Motown

You might not be caught up in the economy issues (yet!), but I just wanted to share a few insightful articles on the view from our neck of the woods:
Cindy La Ferle on bailouts and jumpstarts
Mitch Albom’s fantasy “If I had the floor at the auto rescue talks”
Mitt Romney discussing why the Big Three needs [...]

oops! did I marry a terrorist?

Of course not.  Neither is he a gluttonous fat cat nor a boneheaded buffoon.  My dear husband is, however, employed by one of the Big Three auto companies, and therein lies the rub.  With the rhetoric flying around capitol hill this week, you would think everyone at the Big Three is lounging around, smoking cigars, [...]

talking politics with kids

Whatever your political persuasion, I’m guessing most of you are as weary as I am about the mudslinging rhetoric flying through the airwaves these days.   With less than a week before election day, it keeps getting uglier, and I’m thirsting for real news.  Sometimes it makes me want to hide away until election day is [...]

Explaining the credit crisis

Are your eyes glazing over with all the news about bailouts, sub-prime mortgages, credit swaps, etc?
I found a couple of resources extremely helpful in boiling all the confusion down to (more) understandable language:
This show is the most engaging and entertaining show I’ve heard that makes some sense of the new market for “normal” people:
This American Life [...]