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half empty, or half full?

Not long ago I decided to get off my bum and drive my kids to the bus stop in the pouring rain.  The pouring rain is a happy thing around here.  Rain (instead of snow or ice) means there might be a God out there who is considering sending spring our way, someday.  It washes [...]

welcoming the new

While you’re reading everyone’s profound, thoughtful, New Year resolutions, I thought I’d just let you welcome our newest members of the family:
Of course I would never invite a couple of rodents, much less rats, into our home, but Santa delivered them so what could I do?
I think they’re actually pretty cute.  They’re learning quickly to [...]

a quickie

It’s been a great week and I’ve missed you all.  I’ve got time to just post a few quick updates and then I’ll be back:
1) Last week we hosted our young visitor from Japan and he was amazing!   We couldn’t have ordered up a more friendly, engaging, appreciative and English-speaking (whew!) fourteen year old.   We said [...]

one way to get by

Here in the midwest, the economy is a bit tough, but we’re fortunate to have a few staples on hand at the moment:  water and wood.  So, if things get really desperate, my resourceful in-laws have figured out one way to keep enjoying the finer things in life:

They pump water from the nearby lake into this tub and heat [...]

sharing rituals with our American girls

Last week I made the pilgrimage to Chicago’s American Girl Place with three real life American girls, another American mom and her very hip mother, and, of course, three American Girl dolls. 
A quick caveat:   I am very aware these dolls are expensive and some alternative brands will suffice.  I also understand there is plenty of consumerism, [...]

tribute to the parking people

They really don’t have to be friendly. 
In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were downright surly.  Who would want to sit in a hot (or cold) little booth all day, taking cash from folks who don’t want to give it, and serve as the gatekeeper to moving on with the day?  
Thanks to a thriving downtown, [...]

summer runnin’

We’ve been running in many directions this summer, mostly for fun.  For example, I spent much of last week fundraising for my son’s Japan exchange at our local art fairs.  Yes, I meant to say art fairS — three or four juried art fairs take over our downtown for several days each July, with hundreds [...]

seven quick takes, v. 5

A quick update on happenings in our world–more substance to come next week:
1)  I’m thrilled to be joining the Parenting team for a new venture called AnnArbor.com.  Our traditional home town paper is closing, and the void is being filled by a web/paper combination that will include professional news reporting, micro-community journalism, and input from bloggers with a variety of [...]

the 27 thing fling

Housekeeping is not my passion or gift.  I need a little help from my friends (family).  How about you?
It gets especially onerous in the summer, when there are so many more interesting things to do outside, and there are many more bodies around my house making messes every five minutes.  
Enter the 27 thing fling.  I learned [...]

Writing Home winner

And the winner of a signed copy of Cindy LaFerle’s lovely book, Writing Home, is. . .
Cheerios Underfoot
Hooray for Lisa! 
You might want to check out her cool website, which includes lots of tips on parenting preschoolers, craft and art projects, homeschool resources, and more giveaways.  If you didn’t win here, you might try winning something [...]