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let’s skip the mommy wars

She has that look — a shell of the formerly vibrant, social woman clinging to her last rope, reaching for a shred of hope as the overwhelming waves of chaos crash toward her again.  I know it well.  She’s usually in the back row of my parenting presentations, or quietly listening at the moms’ social [...]

paying attention to here and now

Our church is launching a simple theme this fall: 
These words from a recent message keep echoing through my mind:

The past is not ours to change. 
The future is not ours to see.
There is only one call that God extends.
It is here.
And it is now.
–Rev. J. Douglas Paterson

Makes me wonder, regardless of our faith tradition:
Are we [...]

balance is overrated

Everywhere I go, people are trying to find balance. 
Whether it’s work/life balance, time/money balance, food/fitness balance, you name it, balance is the answer.  If we only had balance, everything would be Okay. 
So, do you know anyone who has found it yet? Someone who has actually achieved balance and sustained it?
After years of striving for that [...]

lovin’ these links v.2

We’re swirling through the whirlwind of May, when every team, club and class has just a few of end-of-the-year concerts or parties, times three.  It feels a bit like December’s cookie conspiracy, but this time everyone needs a chaperone, a special treat, or a hand-crafted gift of appreciation.  All are wonderful reasons for celebration, of [...]

speak for yourself

Ever since I quit my full time job (when child #3 was born), I’ve had trouble answering that common question:
What do you do?
For an embarassingly long time I would answer some variation of “I’m a stay home mom, but I used to do something important. . . ” (well, not exactly that, but it crossed [...]

too much to ask?

Perhaps I should have paid more attention. 
I knew becoming a mother would change me, and yes, I had nine months or so to prepare for it, but no. . .I don’t think we’re ever quite prepared for the impact of motherhood.  It hit me hard on day one.
I gave birth at my workplace.  It’s not [...]

will the real me please stand up?

I might be having an identity crisis. 
It hit me in the midst of an amazing Vienna Teng concert at our local hot spot The Ark, for so many different reasons. 
Vienna’s performance moved me.  She’s so talented, so sharp, so lyrical and poignant–you MUST check out her music.  She sings of intimate personal issues as well as major [...]

let’s not go back

Julie Stills Miles at Pragmatic Compendium posted this video that made me laugh and almost cry all at the same time:

I laughed at the ridiculousness of it and how far we have come since those days.  But in some sense, I cried at the irony, because there have been times when I’ve felt almost that [...]

seven quick takes Friday

Quick!  An uncoordinated list of seven quick Friday thoughts, hosted by Jennifer at Conversion Diary:

My daughter’s K-2 school held a belated Martin Luther King day assembly last week.   I wish I could express how amazing it was.  There’s something pure about kindergarteners of multiple races, creeds and languages singing “the world is a rainbow” with a child’s innocence [...]

channeling hope

Today I joined the throngs of people flocking to health clubs to get back in shape this week.  I shouldn’t have been surprised by the suddenly packed parking lot and the crowded fitness center at my YMCA:  in January alone, over one million Americans join health clubs each year.  And sadly, up to 75% of those quit [...]