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family respite

Rise without trying
at 5:00 am
capture the sunrise
beat the heat
pretend we belong
escape to the spa
dip in the pool
laze in the river
catch a movie
dinner for two
slumber again
in that big soft bed
then off to the farm.

Big hugs
extra tight this time
catch up
greet the dogs
and sink bare feet into
the softest grass in the world.
Breathe in
break bread
sit on the porch
enjoy the [...]

21 things my dad taught me

Dear Daddy, thank you for teaching me:

that real men are strong, caring and sensitive too
that one can never say “I love you” too often
that little girls’ kisses come in two flavors:  strawberry shortcake or peaches and cream
that romance is dancing on your daddy’s boots
that life is a gamble, so it’s best to enjoy the good [...]

uplifting book giveaway: writing home

Could you use a lift, a smile, or a little camaraderie from a woman who’s been there?  
I’ve just spent the most lovely evenings reading Cindy LaFerle’s collection of essays, Writing Home.
After reading Writing Home, I’d love to have coffee with Cindy LaFerle.  This award-winning journalist reminisces about life, love and laughter and offers the rich perspective of a mom [...]

balance is overrated

Everywhere I go, people are trying to find balance. 
Whether it’s work/life balance, time/money balance, food/fitness balance, you name it, balance is the answer.  If we only had balance, everything would be Okay. 
So, do you know anyone who has found it yet? Someone who has actually achieved balance and sustained it?
After years of striving for that [...]

don’t want to miss it

On October 17, 1989, my world shifted.  Literally.  
I was peacefully studying when my Diet Coke spilled, the furniture swayed, a dresser toppled over and I stumbled to the doorway, riding the door jamb like a galloping horse.  My roommate held on for dear life on the fire escape of our rickety old ex-fraternity house.   When it finally [...]

will the real me please stand up?

I might be having an identity crisis. 
It hit me in the midst of an amazing Vienna Teng concert at our local hot spot The Ark, for so many different reasons. 
Vienna’s performance moved me.  She’s so talented, so sharp, so lyrical and poignant–you MUST check out her music.  She sings of intimate personal issues as well as major [...]

how to organize 150 middle schoolers

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?   I witnessed a miracle yesterday. 

My 7th grader’s band program toured three local elementary schools yesterday:  an all day affair of orchestrated walking, music making, bus riding, and–sandwiched in the middle–a little pizza and bowling.   I was assigned “lunch coordinator” of the one hour pizza AND bowling break between concerts. 
That’s right:  one [...]

a tribute to wonder women

I continue to be blown away by the awesome power of women. 
I don’t mean the super mom who does everything on her own, but the ordinary person who acts from the heart and pulls others along side her.   It doesn’t matter whether we’re feminist or conservative, career-driven or homemakers, religious or not, women in community have [...]

question of the day

A post-it to add to my fridge, asked by a wise mentor mom a couple of years ago:

How much fun am I
to live with?

It’s a good antidote to the hen-pecking. 
That’s all.  How much fun are you today?
photo credit: demi-brooke

refrigerator wisdom

I have some clutter issues.  You can tell this by looking at my fridge (that’s not my fridge, but mine’s almost as messy).   Buried among the magnets, artwork, appointment reminders, photos and other stuff are scraps of inspiration taped on the fridge in desperate moments.  Some have been there for years (I know, I have issues) and [...]