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25 random things about me

A friend tagged me on Facebook to write 25 random things about myself.  I thought I would share them with you, in no particular order:

  1. I’m a 4th generation farmer’s daughter, raised on a New Mexico farm of cotton, pecans, chile, onions, lettuce and “anything legal” according to my dad
  2. I wasn’t meant to live where the sun shines so little (see #1).
  3. I was in a child pageant at age 5. I remember being yelled at by a stage mom (not mine).
  4. I was a cheerleader, and I think it all worked out okay(?)
  5. My mom was the go-to high school teacher with whom my friends discussed intimate questions. I did not. I’ll remember this when I want my kids come to me for such advice.
  6. I lived in West Berlin in spring of 1989, a few months before the Wall came down.
  7. I did the Eurorail tour in college with my best friend, hitting beaches from Italy to Portugal and exploring the dress codes. Very educational.
  8. I experienced the Loma Prieta earthquake of ‘89 when the Bay Bridge collapsed. At the time I was excited to be in a ‘real’ quake, until we were semi-homeless for a month.
  9. My passport expired years ago and I haven’t had an occasion to renew it. Yet.
  10. I fell in love with a Minnesota boy who whisked me away from California to Michigan. I love it here (except maybe#2).
  11. I had melanoma at age 24 and get spots removed every few months. (so much for #3, and maybe #2 is actually good for me)
  12. I suffered gall stones during my second pregnancy. That was fun.
  13. I never, ever thought I’d quit my job to parent full time.  After three kids, I did.  It was the toughest and most wonderful thing I’ve ever done, and haven’t gone back to the corporate grind. Yet.
  14. I tutor students to beat the ACT, SAT and GMAT. Glad to use those skills for something.
  15. I consult parents on communication skills, often after fighting with mine on the way out the door. I consider it research.
  16. I’m a passionate, moderate, humbled, somewhat left-leaning Christian, and I believe all those terms fit together just fine.
  17. I hope to write and publish a book someday.
  18. I need to sing more. It awakens a part of my soul.
  19. My three children amaze me. I can’t believe they’re mine to raise.
  20. I love a good challenge.
  21. I like really dark chocolate, hot green chile, and Sonic cherry limes. And other limey cocktails.
  22. Narrow-minded people drive me crazy (see #20).
  23. I consider myself a reality-based optimist (see #4).
  24. I have 40-something first cousins.
  25. I think it’s really fun connecting with old and new friends through the blogosphere.
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