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the peace house

The little wooden house sits on our kitchen table, typically unnoticed.  My son brought it home from Sunday’s Cool a few weeks ago (yes, that’s what we call it.  Totally different from that old stodgy Sunday school, you know).  It has little disks with velcro on the back, so the peacemaker of the moment can be honored in the central spot.  The kids created these for a lesson on Joseph, the favored son with eleven brothers:  a story of sibling rivalry gone very bad (and eventually good, but that’s much later in the story). 

For some reason I treasure this little house (and really, it’s not like me to treasure every craft project my kids bring home).  I have to admit, I haven’t swapped the disks yet.  I think the kids might compete about who goes into the peacemaker spot, which would defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it?  Or maybe that’s a good thing– to try to be the best peacemaker in the house.   That might be helpful.  I might try it.  But must everything be a competition?   

Perhaps, at this age, it does.  Did you notice the little devil horns on one of the disks?  It’s typical of the adolescent banter around here.  To be honest, it makes me giggle.  I’m not too worried, because I know he didn’t really mean it, and his brother does too.   

Yes, I grow weary of the incessant put-downs and bickering in my home.  I do what I can to quell it.  I try often to create a house of peace.  Sometimes, I’m the one who wrecks it. 

But we are imperfect, and I guess that’s why I love this symbolic little house.  We have our scribbles and blots and our moments of devilishness.  But I know down deep, there is love, and sometimes peace, in our humble house.

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4 comments to the peace house

  • Pam: It is sweet to see one of the peace houses that the kids made. I know, it does seem to focus on one person at a time as being “the peacemaker.” Sorry, it wasn’t meant to be a cause for disharmony in your household!

    This was a wood working project that was modeled after the expression “in the dog house.” Do you know that you can actually buy little dog houses with wooden dogs that you can write people’s names on, and thus be able to point out who in the family is being bad? (In other words, someone causing trouble in a family could be placed “in the dog house.”)

    I have always wanted to do some sort of woodworking project with our Sunday’s Cool. This lesson on Joseph and his dysfunctional family seemed to call out for a peace house!

    Here are some of the questions that got discussed:
    Do you suppose that the story of Joseph and his brothers could have been different if someone could have pointed the family back to maintaining peace?
    What are ways for keeping peace in your family?
    Do you suppose that having a chance to be the one to go into the peace house might make you more aware of how you treat others?

    Use it or not (it’s of course, up to you).
    At the very least it was fodder for a blog post!

  • pam

    I do love the concept, Carol! I’m just not very good at remembering to use the tools I’m given sometimes. My goal is to catch someone doing something peacemaking, switch the disks, and see if anyone notices.
    Thanks for bringing such inspiration into our home. You have more influence than you know. (Carol H. leads the curriculum writing for our children’s education program).

  • pam

    And the dog house–my goodness! Reminds me of the “naughty chair” which drives me nuts. Yes, I’d rather encourage good behavior with a peace house. But I’m sure the kids would really get into the dog house.

  • I feel you. Between the hours of 4-8 can make or break my day. The bickering can get overwhelming. How sweet to have a concrete reminder that pace needs to be MADE.

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