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She’s in there somewhere.

It happens every night.  Somehow, she shuffles around in her sleep, rolling into a little ball and piling the puffy down cloud on top of her into a mountain of coziness.  She’s deep underneath in her warm sweet slumber, and it’s my job to coax her out to greet the morning.

It’s my favorite part of the day.  After her brothers have caught the early bus and before the chaos of the day begins, just she and I steal a few precious moments of our own.  When I’ve planned it right, I slip in under the cloud and spoon around her, soaking in the radiant heat of her skin and the scent of her shampooed hair.  She mumbles a little and we snuggle as long as we can.

Has it really been almost nine years since I held this babe in my arms, nursing her to sleep, cherishing every moment with my last, littlest one? 

She’s not a babe anymore.  She’s lean and long.  I can’t reach the full length of her legs, and when she jumps into my arms, my back aches.  I catch my breath when she saunters up the stairs with a slight sway of her hips –not on purpose–  just naturally feminine. 

There’s trouble ahead; I’m sure of it.  The posturing and friendship dramas already flare upon occasion, and I have no doubt there will be more to come.   But there’s also great joy in the glimpses of profound thought and compassion that arise more often as she grows.  

I cannot stop the flow of time.  I don’t really want to. 

So today, I savor a snuggle with my baby girl.  I never know how many more mornings like this we’ll have.

This is part of Tuesdays Unwrapped at Chatting at the Sky.

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6 comments to savoring

  • Kent Simpson

    No matter what, Pam – she’ll ALWAYS be your little girl!

  • Cheryl W

    This post just melted my heart and brought a smile to my face. A little sigh escaped as I relive my mornings with my little one. She is 5 now and growing bigger every day. I have 3 older children, My oldest daughter, who resides in heaven, my son 18 and my 16 yr old daughter. I can offer you some encouragement here. Even though part of my children are teens and way taller than I, now, they still find their ways to snuggle and hugs all over me. I truly savory those moments because I don’t know how much longer those will last, with the prospect of new adult lives hanging in the winds of life. But, for now I take what I can a breath them in for a little while longer. Thanks for the post. Your writing style gives me such a sense of calm.

  • pam

    Kent, you’re right–she’ll always be my baby girl, even when she towers over me.

    Cheryl, thanks so much for your kind words! It’s wonderful to know you still enjoy snuggling with your teen son and daughter. Blessings to you.

  • amy

    I understand this completely, down to the cellular level. thanks

  • Hmmmmm….

    You’ve captured in word what I’ve been feeling so deeply within this heart. My oldest is 8; youngest is 5. And I feel this, too.

  • This is beautiful! My youngest was a boy, and now he’s grown I wish I’d done more snuggling with him while I could. They don’t invite it as much, but they probably need it more.

    And I’m afraid I still didn’t give you the right link for Week X Week.The one you have is static. Please replace it with:




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