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one way to get by

Here in the midwest, the economy is a bit tough, but we’re fortunate to have a few staples on hand at the moment:  water and wood.  So, if things get really desperate, my resourceful in-laws have figured out one way to keep enjoying the finer things in life:


They pump water from the nearby lake into this tub and heat it completely with a submersible wood stove.  Yep, that’s what I said:  the wood stove is mostly under water and heats things up quite nicely, summer or winter.  I prefer about 107 degrees Farenheit; the kids like it a few degrees cooler.   

Now that’s what I call living off the land.  Or lake. 

How do you enjoy life’s little luxuries?

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2 comments to one way to get by

  • I love it! Life’s little luxuries, for me, include eating my home-grown tomatoes and basil in a salad on summer evenings; cooking with friends; enjoying a glass of wine on a patio; having time to ride my bike through a nature park on a gorgeous day; shopping for little presents for other people ….

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