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knowing when to say when

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 Lately I’ve been feeling a bit stressed, but it doesn’t make much sense.

We still have a few more weeks of summer.  (I know, many of you are starting school already, but while you were jumping in the pool we had school until mid-June, so no complaining).  My kids are at wonderful ages of gaining independence, which makes life so much easier than before.  I’m doing some part-time  work and enjoying it.  But, like so many moms, I’m feeling pulled in too many different directions.

I realized some of my anxiety was about my personal commitment to write here multiple times per week.  None of you are nagging me, but there’s this voice in my head constantly telling me I have got to put up some profound, insightful posts or all of you will run away and my site will collapse into a black hole.  And I’m sure you all know that fear of imminent black hole collapse, combined with guilt about a wreck of a house, family who needs love and attention, actual paid work that needs to get done, other writing commitments, and oh-my-gosh-summer-is-almost-over-we-must-create-some-fun-memories-now doesn’t make for great creative writing.  Or maybe it does, but it’s not working for me right now. 

I want my words to be fresh and interesting, not just space fillers.  I want to write through inspiration, not obligation.  And I want to reflect a life of appreciated moments, not put off those moments to slap up a post. 

So, as we prepare for one more road trip next week, I’m going to take that pressure to create profoundness off the table.  I might post a few golden not-so-oldies, I might write when I’m inspired, but you might see fewer posts for a few weeks. 

I hope that’s okay with you–it might even be a relief.   Just tell me you won’t disappear into a black hole, okay? 

And if you have any summer left, please enjoy it and appreciate the moments with me. 

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11 comments to knowing when to say when

  • Good on you for giving yourself some time off. I remember those precious days of summer before school started for the kids … savor those times. You’ll have more time in the fall to return to your blog. Like you, I’ve had to take some time off (for other reasons) and worries that I would lose momentum and audience. But I’ve discovered that my regular readers, especially my students, are right there with me when I return. Have a wonderful time!

  • Carol H.

    Pam: Not planning on going anywhere so just write when you feel called OK?

  • I’m having the same experience over here.
    Good for you to acknowledge and let yourself off the hook.

    Enjoy yourself!

  • pam

    It’s great to hear your support. Thank you dear friends!

  • No problemo! Know what you’re feeling :)

  • This makes so much sense to me. I disappeared for a few weeks in July for the same reasons. My blog friends are still here, and I’m sure yours will be too. I know I will. So relax! And enjoy.

  • I am SO blessed by you! I no longer have children in school and yet I, too, feel this “pressure” to produce a daily devotion M-F and a blog twice a week! You struck a chord with me and I receive its wisdom!!! May we be set free from “not God” pressure and instead be inspired in HIS timing!

  • Beth

    I will always be enjoying your writing – no matter how frequent or infrequent. And even when I am out of town late on a Friday night!

  • I took a little break too–even if your readership dips a little, they will come back so no worries :)

  • I’ve only just read this because… I’ve been giving myself a little break from both reading and writing blog posts. Unless we’re pro-bloggers, we need this down time. I’m all for taking the pressure off in this pressure-cooker world of ours!

  • Pam

    thanks Pam for the helpful hints, like the comfort you have in just sharing the truth as it comes to you! What works for you works for us. Thanks!!

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