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one way to get by

Here in the midwest, the economy is a bit tough, but we’re fortunate to have a few staples on hand at the moment:  water and wood.  So, if things get really desperate, my resourceful in-laws have figured out one way to keep enjoying the finer things in life:

They pump water from the nearby lake into this tub and heat [...]

a heavenly banquet

The venue is booked 
the tables are set
and a standing invitation is offered
The guests:  About one hundred men and women of varying ages, races and persuasions.  Some drive or ride from home; others walk from the shelter down the road.  All, without a doubt, are welcome.
Dress:  Casual.  Some find fresh clothes on the open rack.   Some wear professional attire, [...]

on liking and loving

Just sharing some quick food for thought after a lovely respite in northern Wisconsin, enjoying this peaceful view: 
I’ve been thinking about a prayer in today’s church bulletin all afternoon.  I thought you might find it interesting too:
Gracious and Loving God,
Your Son calls us friends and commands us to love one another.  So often [...]

knowing when to say when

 Lately I’ve been feeling a bit stressed, but it doesn’t make much sense.
We still have a few more weeks of summer.  (I know, many of you are starting school already, but while you were jumping in the pool we had school until mid-June, so no complaining).  My kids are at wonderful ages of gaining independence, [...]

someone is struggling today

I know someone out there who is struggling today, and I want her to know she is not alone. 
I want her to know that adjusting to parenthood is one of the most amazing growing experiences of life.  It is also hard, SO hard, even though something in our society makes us pretend that it is not.  I think [...]

sharing rituals with our American girls

Last week I made the pilgrimage to Chicago’s American Girl Place with three real life American girls, another American mom and her very hip mother, and, of course, three American Girl dolls. 
A quick caveat:   I am very aware these dolls are expensive and some alternative brands will suffice.  I also understand there is plenty of consumerism, [...]