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People are funny, but 10-11 year olds are hilarious.   My middle boy turned 11 on Friday and we were invaded by six of his young compadres. They hooted and hollered and played games outside into the dark of night, then crashed in our basement.  Except for the fact that my basement smelled like eau de locker room after they left, we all had a grand old time.  It’s a great group of boys I can’t wait to watch grow through the next few years:


Meanwhile, my 8 yr old baby represented our gang at our church’s family camp, thanks to dear friends who invited her along.  It was held at a YMCA facility, but it wasn’t quite the rustic camp you and I might remember.  One of the dads happens to be an award winning chef at a local restaurant who coached the dads on cooking techniques and helped everyone prepare gourmet food all weekend.    They also sipped espresso drinks provided by our church’s world peace cafe.  KN fished, rode the zip line and fell off the dock.  Good times.  We’ll definitely have to go next year, but for now I’m so grateful my good friend Beth who gave her the opportunity.

I received some exciting news that I couldn’t share last week.  The secret was driving me crazy, but now it’s official:  my 13 year old son is going to Japan this fall!  Two kids are accepted from each middle school in our town to visit our sister city Hikone, Japan for two weeks and host a student in our home.  I waffle from being so excited and proud for him to blanching, “What am I thinking?  He’s only 13!”  But I know it will be a fantastic opportunity for him.  So let the summer of language classes, fundraising, sushi feasts and origami begin.  We’re going global.

We still have two more weeks of school.  We’re so ready for summer but my hubby keeps reminding me to enjoy another two weeks of free child care.  They take so many end-of-year field trips that I think I’ll just call it day camp. 

Hope your summer’s starting off well.  If not, maybe this mojito recipe will help.   I’m looking forward to enjoying it myself.


P.S.  If you’re checking on the Writing Home book giveaway, I’ll draw numbers later today and post an update by Tuesday.  I’ll accept last minute entries through Monday afternoon!

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