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Today I’m offering a parenting tip of a different sort: 

“bad mother” books. 

Do you ever get tired of thinking about how you should be a better parent?   Typically I love to read inspirational advice, but once in awhile, I need to be assured I’m normal — or at least not as bad as the “bad” mothers out there.  Lately, I’m on a roll.  I don’t know whether there’s something I’m doing or thinking that has attracted these into my life (perhaps that recent little identity crisis?), or if there’s just so many of them being published, but I have an embarassingly high stack of “bad mother” books on my shelf right now. 

I put “bad” in quotes because often, these mothers are just getting back to basics and rejecting some of the hype, materialism, overscheduling and overprotection that seems to be taking over parenting today.   Sometimes I find such books sassy, irreverent and refreshing, and they often include insights that really stick with me.  After awhile, they may sound a bit cranky and jaded, and when I get to that point, I’ll put them down and pick up the inspirational ones that help me become a better person.

So, if you’re intrigued and ready for a bit of rebellion, here is my “Bad Mother” book list.  I’ve linked to the Amazon pages so you can read the reviews on your own.  Since I haven’t been completely through the stack, please read at your own risk (some are a little PG-13):

Bad Mother:  A chronicle of maternal crimes, minor calamities, and occasional moments of grace by Ayelet Waldman

To Hell with All That:  Loving and Loathing our Inner Housewife, by Caitlin Flanagan

It sucked and then I cried:  How I had a baby, a breakdown, and a much needed margarita, by Heather B. Armstrong, aka dooce

Confessions of a Slacker Mom by Muffy Mead-Ferro

Switching up my reading lists works for me.  For more ideas to combat summer boredom, check out We Are THAT Family

Do you ever get a kick out of rebellious books?  Have you read any of these?  What would you add to the list?

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3 comments to bad mother book list

  • Anonymama

    “I Was A Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids”– the authors were featured on Oprah and have written several books. Another books title was something like… I’d trade my husband for a housekeeper. This book rang so true for me and helped with that can’t-do-it-all- mama-guilt!

  • Excellent list!

    I agree, whatever your situation, you need a bit of irreverence and rebellion. It’s like salt in pasta.

    Tess’s last blog post..Oops, anger

  • I love those slacker mom books too! That just make me feel normal-mom and that, hey, my gut instincts can’t be all wrong.

    jeri’s last blog post..a little trust to grow on.

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