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uplifting book giveaway: writing home

Could you use a lift, a smile, or a little camaraderie from a woman who’s been there?  
I’ve just spent the most lovely evenings reading Cindy LaFerle’s collection of essays, Writing Home.
After reading Writing Home, I’d love to have coffee with Cindy LaFerle.  This award-winning journalist reminisces about life, love and laughter and offers the rich perspective of a mom [...]

need a smile?

Life’s a bit busy right now for profound writing, but I thought I’d share this with you:

Lifted straight from A Different Street, via Jezebel, from The White House Flickr photostream:
“Apparently the boy wanted to know if Pres. Obama’s hair felt like his own, so Obama bent over and let him feel for himself.”

balance is overrated

Everywhere I go, people are trying to find balance. 
Whether it’s work/life balance, time/money balance, food/fitness balance, you name it, balance is the answer.  If we only had balance, everything would be Okay. 
So, do you know anyone who has found it yet? Someone who has actually achieved balance and sustained it?
After years of striving for that [...]

mental mantras

I ran this post back in January, but as the seasons change and the schedule year-end schedule has me running in circles, I feel like I need a refresher.  I hope it helps you keep a little more sane this season.

Sometimes I feel like my kids are out to make my life miserable. 
I know.  It’s a [...]

why i blog

Jennifer has invited fellow writers to answer the question:  “Why do we blog?” 
It’s a good question.  When people ask me what I’ve been up to, It’s difficult to explain why I spend hours every week surfing the blogosphere, dodging my family, gathering ideas, crafting these posts, hitting that “publish” button and wondering what might [...]

swan song

Driving to town the other day, I spotted a beautiful swan in a small pond.  I pointed it out to my daughter, and several days later I was surprised to see that same swan, in the same pond, again. 
Later I realized that the swan was probably introduced there to keep away the Canada geese that plague our [...]

more graceful apologies

Have you ever insisted your child say how sorry he is?  Does he glare at you with a pouty lip, look at the floor, and spit out “SORRry” in that resentful tone?  Or better yet, does she flip her hair, roll her eyes, and play her best imitation of the latest pre-teen star?  Surely you know [...]

lovin’ these links v.2

We’re swirling through the whirlwind of May, when every team, club and class has just a few of end-of-the-year concerts or parties, times three.  It feels a bit like December’s cookie conspiracy, but this time everyone needs a chaperone, a special treat, or a hand-crafted gift of appreciation.  All are wonderful reasons for celebration, of [...]

the best mom evah

a.k.a Mama Lacy
Thanks, Mom, for loving me, teaching me, and showing me how to be a mom (and beyond). 
I love you.

speak for yourself

Ever since I quit my full time job (when child #3 was born), I’ve had trouble answering that common question:
What do you do?
For an embarassingly long time I would answer some variation of “I’m a stay home mom, but I used to do something important. . . ” (well, not exactly that, but it crossed [...]