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friday fragments

On some Fridays you get to follow me through fragmented thoughts buzzing in my brain.  Are you ready?  Here goes:


Today Christians commemorate Good Friday in preparation for Easter Sunday.  I must admit, I’ve always wrestled with the concept of calling the day of Jesus’ crucifixion “good”.  Yes, the heart of Christianity rests on the death and resurrection of Christ, so I know the ultimate sacrifice on this day is inherently “good”.  I’ve studied many theological explanations of what happened on that cross.  Still, even though I have faith, it’s still hard for my wee little brain to grasp or explain. 

Tony Jones, however, explains it in a way that resonates with me.   It generated quite a debate in his comments (I’m drawn to those controversial theologians, I guess).  If you’re curious, check out Tony’s Good Friday post over here .


I have hope–dare I say it?–that spring is on its way in Michigan.  We had a snow day last Monday, but it melted away quickly and life is just beginning to peek its way through the crud.  It’s a long wait in these parts, but it inspires a huge celebration of spring–people pour out onto the sidewalks, spirits lifted, and really appreciate the sun on their faces. 

Kinda like Easter after Good Friday.


As spring arrives, we’re more likely to put on a happy face, so I thought I’d sneak in a picture of my son singing “Put on a Happy Face” at the Tappan Middle School production of Bye Bye Birdie last weekend (thanks for the photos, Lichee!):dsc_166211

He’s on the far left peeking under the brim of his too-big hat.  We’re still basking in the glow of this amazing community production showcasing the talents of just 180 middle schoolers. 


Did I mention that Minnie Driver, who happens to be filming a movie in our town, visited the Bye Bye Birdie cast and offered insights on starting her acting career in middle school?   Is it okay that I felt somewhat jealous, especially when my son had no idea who she is?


Speaking of community productions, I’ve been thinking about how people build community:  why is there so much community support and participation in some circles, and less in others?  What makes it “click”?  I welcome any insights.  More to come on that topic.


Last night, I noticed my middle son’s shoulders were a little broader, his voice a little stronger, and his demeanor a little. . . tween-er?    And oh yes, the type of underwear I buy is suddenly very important.  It sort of snuck up on me, but I think boy #2 is growing up too.    Thank goodness I still have my little girl.  But she wants to be a teenager so badly that she’s not acting so little any more either. 

You know what, though?  It’s a really fun ride.


Speaking of growing up, we’re approaching the weeks when TWO of my kids have “health” courses (code for sex ed) coming up at the same time.  In the heat of spring.  That’s gonna be. . . a fun ride.

On that note, I wish you all the blessings of spring, with all the beautiful celebrations and traditions, including Passover and Easter this week.


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  • Thank you for the link to Tony Jones’s blog. Interesting post and it resonated with me also.

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