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a tribute to wonder women

wonder_woman_41_08_wI continue to be blown away by the awesome power of women. 

I don’t mean the super mom who does everything on her own, but the ordinary person who acts from the heart and pulls others along side her.   It doesn’t matter whether we’re feminist or conservative, career-driven or homemakers, religious or not, women in community have the power to change the world.  I’m inspired and humbled by all of you out there. 

I’m blessed to know a group of women at my church we call WowMoms.   It stands for Women of Wonder/Moments of Mission, but I like to call us wonder women (I know, that’s corny too).  Someone’s kids dubbed us “wild moms,” but we’re not that wild.  We are, however, wonderous.  In community.

We typically meet, eat, chat, laugh, pray, cry, and when time allows, study a good book.  Over the years, we’ve pulled together to help out friends in need.  A few examples:

  • A few years ago one of our members–a pillar of our community– burst a brain aneurism that nearly killed her.   The prognosis was dim.  People stepped up to provide meals, put up the family Christmas tree, take shifts at the hospital, and other creative means of support.  This amazing woman pulled through, and today inspires us all as a walking miracle.   But the real miracle was the transformation of our community as we shifted our focus into prayer and service.
  • Awhile later another crisis arose.  It’s a really long story, but a three-year-old girl awaited a heart transplant, surviving with an artificial Berlin heart.  At first we didn’t know this family well, but women from our group rallied as best we could–cleaning house, babysitting her toddler twins, decorating her room, and even getting mom out for a party or two.  This child’s hospital ordeal lasted well over a year, and eventually she died–one of the saddest days I can remember.  Despite the tragic ending, this child’s story changed the lives of hundreds of people.  And her mom?  Amazing.  Of course, she’s a WowMom now, putting life back together with support of women who care. 
  • Last December, a friend’s house burned down.   They lost everything.  So what do helpful women do?   Oh yes, we went shopping to create a semblance of Christmas for them.  Weeks later, women helped her sift through the remains for the insurance inventory.  And this Christmas, when she missed her cherished family heirlooms, she at least had the ornaments we selected for her tree.   A year later, the little gestures helped her through. 
  • And recently, a little boy’s appendix burst, and the troops have deployed with visits, cards, sibling care, mom massage, and filling in where this servant mom shines.  He’s still in the throes of a dangerous recovery, so if you’d like to offer up a prayer for Robin  we’d really appreciate it.

I could wax on about how these women inspire me in little and big ways, not always in crisis.  I’m not the ring leader of this band of sisters; I show up when I can and they always welcome me.   I find an oasis of love and support in a crazy world.  As individuals, we’re flawed, but as group, the community is amazing.   They help me become a better person.

So here’s to Wonder Women:  women who do little things in community to change the world.

I bet you know some of your own wonder women (or men).   Tell me about it. 

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6 comments to a tribute to wonder women

  • Kel

    This made me cry…what a beautiful post. Women can be amazing creatures when we focus on God rather than ourselves. What a great reminder!

  • Sue J.

    I am so proud to be a part of this awesome group of women. They sustain me.

  • Jay

    AWESOME post Pam…

    And I would disagree, but no one would listen to me, and I would be banished to Saudi Arabia.

    Great tribute, you couldnt be more right.


    Jay’s last blog post..WW – Seriously Bad Idea.

  • pam

    Thanks Jay. I’ll have to write next about the marvelous men who inspire thousands. You, of course, are one of those.

  • Carol H.

    This post brought tears to my eyes as well. First off, what an honor to be labeled a “pillar of our community.” (I’m the one who survived a burst brain aneurysm). I am so thankful that you all rallied around my family! And every day, I am thankful for life.
    Thanks for the honor to this wonderful group of women. (And the men that are in the background.)

  • What a great group you belong to, Pam – it is amazing what people can do when caring hearts unite to do some good. I’ll bet somewhere in that mix that you are looked upon as a “pillar of the community” too.

    Kent Simpson’s last blog post..Chances Are…

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