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seven quick takes, vol. 3

1)  Big news at our house:  We have hot water!  (actually, earlier this week–I haven’t gone THAT long without a good shower).   I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it since that very small bit of deprivation.  It’s a good thing we have plenty of water in Michigan.  And I know, many areas are struggling with drought and my kids will be considered really obnoxious unless we teach them how to conserve.  But for the moment, we love hot water, and we’re going to enjoy it, dag nabbit.

2)  Exciting for me:  I’m presenting a parent workshop with Thomas Haller later this month.  Thomas is an author, psychotherapist, and international presenter of child development, behavior management, and verbal language skills.  He has advanced degress in social work, divinity, and sex therapy (of all things).  I’ve followed him and his co-author Chick Moorman for years, and now I get to present with him on The Six Best Parenting Strategies Ever.  (Like that’s not intimidating).   It’s going to be fun, so if you’re in Southeast Michigan on March 28th, check out the details here

3)  I’ve really enjoyed my kids this week.  I know, it shouldn’t need saying, but I admit sometimes it does.  Somehow, this week I’ve really noticed each of my kids growing and maturing and saying delightful things, as in yesterday’s post.   They’re becoming real people, you know?   It might have something to do with #4:

4)  It’s read-a-thon time at our elementary schools.  This means the kids are shamelessly bribed rewarded to read for hours every day.    I love it–it’s a no-junk fundraiser, and the kids are motivated to turn off the video games and read.  The house is more quiet, too.  Bonus for all of us!

5)  Despite #3, I’ve also been hard on my family this week.  I described my mini meltdown earlier, I had a subsequent tirade over laundry (does that ever happen to you?) and I’ve been tired and stressed and snapping more than necessary.  I haven’t been the cool, collected, loving parent I’d like to be, and while I know that’s not realistic, I still want to do better.  So I track back to my parenting principles, remember the grace part, and try again.

6)  Speaking of parenting, my friend Heather of the EO is doing a little research on what we moms feel like we’re doing well or not-so-well.   She has a delightful perspective on life, so stop by her site and give Heather your feedback on parenthood. 

7)  I’m such a talker; why is it so hard for me to come up with 7?  I guess I’ll leave you with this, as the (slightly annoying) theme of this week: 

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