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on hen peckin’

Lately I’ve had chickens on the brain. Meet Snowball

Not long ago, I was feeling hen-pecked.  Do you know the feeling?  Like everything I said or did was being corrected, or controlled, or re-directed, or commented upon.  It drove me nuts.

Until I realized it bugged me most because it was a reflection of my own behavior.  Isn’t that often the case? 

Yep, I’m really good at hen-peckin’.  I peck, peck, peck at my kids, my husband, and everyone around me.  I’m a control freak and perfectionist about some things, and I’m lazy about others.  So I want everyone around me to respond to my wise counsel about my persnickity things, but lay off of my lazy things.  I just want to relax sometimes, ya know?

So, after processing my annoyance, I offered thanks for the experience of being pecked-upon and made a vow to reduce peckin’ on my family.  I even started a post about it.  But I wasn’t making much progress.

Until I stumbled upon a lenten devotional about chickens, of all things.  Sheesh!  This verse  describes gathering the people “as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings“.   With love, and kindness, and comfort

It’s a different perspective for me.  I can still be a chicken (oh. . . I could go on with this metaphor. . .), but in a good way.    Now I can channel that peckin’ urge in a better direction. 

DucklingsCluck, cluck!

What about you?  Do you have any hen peckin’ tendencies?

Creative Commons License photo credit: eyesore9 and wiccked



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4 comments to on hen peckin’

  • here a peck, there a peck, everywhere a peck peck. YES, I do it too. Mostly with just immediate family. Isn’t that always the case? So tolerant with people outside my immediate sphere, but oh so not so much at home. sigh…

  • I have a tendency to be a henpecker too, unfortunately. But improving all the time, gratefully.

    My dad used to visit his grandpa out on their farm, and taught me a lot about what he observed about chickens there. The mother hen will allow the baby chicks some freedom, let them wander and explore a bit…but whenever there is a sign of danger…or even if the chicks stray a bit too far from her protective eye…cluck-cluck-cluck! She calls them back under her protective wing, and they come running –to where they are nurtured and safe. A nice metaphor for parenting.

    We’ve used that scripture for a family devotional activity…playing at being chicks and hens, letting them run free a bit and then cluck-cluck-cluck! they all run back to mother hen. It was a lot of fun.

    charrette’s last blog post..—And Don’t Tell Anyone You’re My Mother (she said sweetly)

  • pam

    Yes, we take our close ones for granted, don’t we?
    I love the concept of letting them a bit of freedom, then calling them back into protection when necessary.

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