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great moments on trash tv

Once in awhile, when I’m escaping the world and watching TV drama, I’m struck by little snippets like this clip from a recent Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice episode (if you’re reading this via email or feed reader, you need to click on the post title to see the video.  Go ahead.  We’ll wait for you.):

I won’t get into Callie’s extracurricular shenanigans, but so many things hit home with this scene:

  • Most of Addison’s friends are puzzled by her sudden need for God.  Callie, the least expected, walks right into the uncomfortable place
  • Addison speaks for so many of us, who might rarely pray and therefore think we have no “clout” with God.  But at this moment, she needs God, and that’s okay.
  • Callie doesn’t preach or judge (LOVE this!).  She shows what she knows.  She relies on her old prayer rituals–the opening and closing– and in the middle, just speaks from the heart
  • Addison realizes imperfect people can talk to God in imperfect ways, and it’s perfect.
  • My favorite line:  “You save babies.  God knows who you are.”  Even if we don’t save babies, God loves us for our feeble contributions.
  • When Addison asks whether Callie really believes, she speaks honestly for so many of us: “Sometimes.  Most of the time.  When it counts.”

I never thought I’d say this, but I hope I can be just like Callie when it counts.

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