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ten ways to re-frame parenting issues

No one knows all the answers, but sometimes asking the right questions gets us where we need to be.
These ten questions to re-frame parenting issues always stop me in my tracks and change my approach.  Thomas and I closed Saturday’s parent workshop with this list by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller.   Feel free to alter for [...]

question of the day

A post-it to add to my fridge, asked by a wise mentor mom a couple of years ago:

How much fun am I
to live with?

It’s a good antidote to the hen-pecking. 
That’s all.  How much fun are you today?
photo credit: demi-brooke

refrigerator wisdom

I have some clutter issues.  You can tell this by looking at my fridge (that’s not my fridge, but mine’s almost as messy).   Buried among the magnets, artwork, appointment reminders, photos and other stuff are scraps of inspiration taped on the fridge in desperate moments.  Some have been there for years (I know, I have issues) and [...]

remembering the good, bad and ugly

Like so many people today, I’ve discovered the joy of connecting with old friends via Facebook.   As I bump into childhood buddies, I’ve been flooded with memories of good old times in my hometown. 
I must say, (if I do say so myself), I was a pretty “good” kid.  I got good grades, I had nice [...]

seven quick takes, vol. 4


 What could be better than that?
If you’re visiting from 5 minutes for Mom, thanks so much for stopping by!  Please click here to learn a bit more about me and my site.  I’m a somewhat scatterbrained woman who like to explore issues around parenting, faith, and that oh-so-hard to find work/life balance.  I believe motherhood [...]

on hen peckin’

Lately I’ve had chickens on the brain. 
Not long ago, I was feeling hen-pecked.  Do you know the feeling?  Like everything I said or did was being corrected, or controlled, or re-directed, or commented upon.  It drove me nuts.
Until I realized it bugged me most because it was a reflection of my own behavior.  Isn’t that [...]

powerful ways to praise

If you wanted to praise your child for something he or she did, what would you say? 
Most parents in my workshops respond, “Good job!  Nice catch.  Beautiful picture.  Wonderful story.”
That’s okay, but it could be better.  I tend to hunger for more.  There’s a reason.
I’ve learned to think about two parts to every comment:

1)  Our words (good [...]

great moments on trash tv

Once in awhile, when I’m escaping the world and watching TV drama, I’m struck by little snippets like this clip from a recent Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice episode (if you’re reading this via email or feed reader, you need to click on the post title to see the video.  Go ahead.  We’ll wait for you.):

I won’t get [...]

seven quick takes, vol. 3

1)  Big news at our house:  We have hot water!  (actually, earlier this week–I haven’t gone THAT long without a good shower).   I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it since that very small bit of deprivation.  It’s a good thing we have plenty of water in Michigan.  And I know, many areas are [...]

how do they work that magic?

He was beaming.
Seriously– tickled pink. My 13-year old son doesn’t “beam” very often. Can’t remember seeing this particular look on his face, actually.
“Mom! I learned the mambo and the samba tonight!” he blurted and proceeded to show me how it’s done. 
This is highly unusual.
“Who are you and what have you done with my quiet, self-conscious [...]