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half empty, or half full?


Yesterday morning I decided to get off my bum and drive my kids to the bus stop in the pouring rain.  The pouring rain is a happy thing around here.  Rain (instead of snow or ice) means there might be a God out there who is considering sending spring our way, someday.  It washes away the old snow and slush and leaves a fresh landscape of potholes, mud and weird grit, so we can freeze up and cover it with snow again.  Such is the freeze/thaw cycle in Michigan, but it really makes us appreciate the miracle of spring.  Anyway. . .

I had to prepare my gigantic mug of coffee for the 3-minute trip down the street.  I’m one of those people who needs to have a coffee mug in hand for at least the first two hours of the day.  It makes me happy, and you know the motto, “When momma’s happy, everybody’s happy.”  

So I grabbed my coffee, hopped into our awesome Ford Flex (gotta put a plug in there for the economy) and headed down the street.  I wedged my big round coffee mug as best I could into the cup holder. 

I bet you can guess what happened next.

As I pulled up to the stop, my unsecured mug tipped over and out poured the entire contents.  Directly into the adjacent cup holder. 

That’s right.  It didn’t spill all over the car, it poured right into the cup holder, filling it up like a cup of coffee itself.

My first reaction?  “Oh ______ (fill in your favorite expletive here), I can’t believe this happened.  What a schmuck I am.  G is going to kill me (because this isn’t the first time I’ve done something dumb with my coffee).  This is starting out to be a lousy day.”

Then I realized, “I am the luckiest woman ever.  Who accidentally spills her coffee directly into another vessel without splash or spill?  It’s going to be an amazing day.” 

After the kids finished laughing at me, I sent them on their way, went home, and cleaned up easily.  Zero evidence.  Except for the fact that G reads the blog, and I’m sure he’ll be cool.

What do you think?  Schmuck or luck?  Half empty or full?

Creative Commons License photo credit: kiss kiss bang bang, Creative Commons License photo credit: Art Freak

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6 comments to half empty, or half full?

  • Ah, half full! I often find myself in similar situations — complaining because the gold bracelets on my wrists are too heavy. How wise of you to catch yourself and be able to see the humor and the blessing in the spilled coffee!

    Cindy L.’s last blog post..Valentine to France

  • I laughed out loud!! Can really relate to the whole scenerio, especially with the weather and the fact we are both Michiganders. It has been quite a ride here hasn’t it? Half full or half empty? Neither, I feel blessed just to have something in my cup. Great post!

    Annie’s last blog post..Gift of Understanding-Part 1

  • Definitely half-full! I bet you couldn’t do that again if you tried!

    Tess’s last blog post..Leadership, Benedictine style

  • Oh, wonderful post! I think I’d react like you. I’d have a minor, expletive-laced freak attack at first, then realize this is not the end of the world. Thanks for making me laugh. BTW, I’m just like you: with mug in hand for the first two hours of the day.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..What Does God look like?

  • Kent Simpson

    Pam – you’ve got a gift for finding the good in just about every situation! While reading this I was nodding my head, visualizing the multiple times the same thing has happened to me…then wondering whether to keep a 2nd cup in the holder next to my “primary coffee slot.” Thanks for helping me with a little perspective & peace.

  • pam

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one glued to the mug all morning. And hey, brother Kent, thanks for stopping by!

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