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gone surfin’

I’m off to enjoy a week away with family on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Catch up with you in a week or so.
photo credit: One_day_in_my_garden

refusing to be enemies

Last week I met Laurie White, the woman who created the inspiring documentary:
refusing to be enemies:  the zeitouna story
This film chronicles the conversations of six Arabic and six Jewish women with ties to Israel and Palestine, a historically war-torn region that still festers today.  Since 2002, the Zeitouna group has gathered biweekly to  dialogue, share [...]

half empty, or half full?

Yesterday morning I decided to get off my bum and drive my kids to the bus stop in the pouring rain.  The pouring rain is a happy thing around here.  Rain (instead of snow or ice) means there might be a God out there who is considering sending spring our way, someday.  It washes away [...]

let’s not go back

Julie Stills Miles at Pragmatic Compendium posted this video that made me laugh and almost cry all at the same time:

I laughed at the ridiculousness of it and how far we have come since those days.  But in some sense, I cried at the irony, because there have been times when I’ve felt almost that [...]

seven quick takes #2

I just  had to use this picture again.

Thanks to those who expressed support for my very sad post yesterday.  Please don’t be scared away; I do intend for this space to be an uplifting, fun place to visit, but also deep and real.   Thanks for letting me process and vent my thoughts about that story; I needed [...]

he keeps haunting me

As my husband pointed out, this post isn’t mom blog material.   But this blog is beyond mommy material, right?   I can’t shake my thoughts, so I’m processing by sharing it with you, but be warned:  this is a cold, unspeakably sad, adult tragedy.  Click away if you like.
The story keeps haunting me.  It was shouting [...]

stop the nagging

How’s your morning routine going? Do you hear some variation of this tape running every day:
“Get dressed. . . you’ve got to eat breakfast. . .brush your hair. . . do you have your homework? . . . don’t forget your lunch. . . did you brush your teeth?. . .it’s really cold out there, make [...]

he walked right in

Messages intended for my kids always seem to hit me right between the eyes.  This one came in a Bible story, but whether you’re Christian or not, I hope you’ll find the concepts universal.
In my eldest son’s confirmation class, a motley crew of early teens and parents discussed the woman at the well.  You may be [...]