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seven quick takes Friday

Quick!  An uncoordinated list of seven quick Friday thoughts, hosted by Jennifer at Conversion Diary:

My daughter’s K-2 school held a belated Martin Luther King day assembly last week.   I wish I could express how amazing it was.  There’s something pure about kindergarteners of multiple races, creeds and languages singing “the world is a rainbow” with a child’s innocence [...]

bringing back the book

Do any of you remember my fall post about cultivating gratitude? 

Yes?  No?  Me too. 
I admit, I put my 1000 gift list project aside these past several weeks. The little black book got buried in that basket of homeless living room stuff.  We were just so busy with Christmas,  back to school, that nasty shingles attack, and all [...]

yes, teens are crazy (and parents too)

My thirteen-year-old looked concerned when he caught me reading Dr. Michael Bradley’s book:
Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!  Loving Your Kid Without Losing Your Mind
I’ll bet you can guess what he said:
“. . . . whhaaaaat’s this??”
While I assured my son that he need not worry, that I was preparing a parenting workshop for other families, [...]

the big picture

Whether you voted for Barack Obama or not, I believe most citizens voted in good conscience.   It makes sense for all Americans to celebrate our amazing, peaceful transition of power, and there’s no denying January 20th, 2009 was a historic day.
Check out these photos of the inauguration experience all around the world.  The first few photos might be [...]

next time, do this

What’s the most common word we use in parenting? 

“Don’t hit your brother.  Don’t leave your stuff on the floor.  Don’t spill it.  Don’t talk to me that way. . . ” 
Sound familiar?  How’s that workin’ for you?
For me, the “don’t” pattern doesn’t work so well.  Let me demonstrate why.  Right now, do not look at [...]

a prayer to share

This prayer posted on David Crumm’s Read the Spirit  moved me, and I had to share it with you on this historic day.  Rev. Woolley was an associate pastor at my church for several years, and I miss her beautiful, poignant prayers!
An Inaugural Prayer for President Obama–and Us
By the Rev. Marsha M. Woolley
    CREATING GOD [...]

the dream still resonates

My children are blown away that I didn’t grow up celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. 

I think I learned about the civil rights movement in junior high, and I remember giving a corny “I have a dream” speech for student council.  MLK Junior day was first observed when I was in high school, and it wasn’t [...]

Ashley, the superstar

Ashley dished a little attitude last night.
She’s the alternate internet persona for K, my almost-8-year-old daughter.  K created a fictional character named Ashley, a sassy little redhead with thin hair(??), fair skin and freckles.  I’m sure she would fit in perfectly at Camp Rock.  Anyway, to be clear:  This story is NOT about K (because that [...]

mind games

Sometimes I feel like my kids are out to make my life miserable. 
I know.  It’s a horrible thing to say, but when I’m self-absorbed, my thoughts get distorted and the Evil Mom tape starts playing in my mind.  I begin to believe my three charming children are doing everything they can to irritate, embarass, or distract [...]

catching up

As I slowly emerge (please, oh please) from the deep, dark, burning pit also known as shingles, it’s time to catch up on a few things.  The day I fell into the aforementioned pit, I received some feedback that I just can’t help but share with you.  I know it’s a little self-gratifying, but sharing good news [...]