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turning the Christmas corner

nov 30 (333-365) advent wreath

I must admit, I’ve been slow getting into the Christmas spirit.  Maybe because we traveled for Thanksgiving weekend.  Maybe because I’ve been working most weekends lately, while all the “good moms” are cooking and crafting and bonding with their families.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been trying not to get too caught up in all the Christmas hype, with the unintended obvious result that. . . I wasn’t getting caught in the hype.  At all.  Yet. 

This isn’t exactly typical for me.  I took notice, but for some reason I decided to not let it get me down.  I just tried to let it flow.  I knew the spirit would come in its own time.  It always does. 

This weekend a few things helped me turn the corner

  • I still worked all day Saturday, driving all over the metro area, but somehow I noticed the beauty of the light snow rather than getting frustrated with the traffic.
  • When I got home, I found a gorgeous, ten foot tree, lights almost done, and the living room vacuumed and organized.  I felt so grateful for my husband’s efforts that day. 
  • My eldest enjoyed what he called a great day:  the Christmas tree, last minute basketball tickets, and his first bar mitzvah party.  I took pleasure in his excitement
  • This morning, our church children’s choir sang a teaser for the afternoon Christmas musical.  My children had been practicing, but I had not been very attentive.  As I sat in the pew, a single angelic voice introduced the first few lines.  It was my second son.  I wasn’t prepared–no camera, no coaching, and I almost couldn’t see him.  The surprise brought me joy (with a little guilt).  Maybe that’s how it was meant to be.
  • We wrapped up the day with the classic children’s pageant, family tree decorating, and Sunday dinner out.  I found comfort in the traditions

A pastor once reminded me that we need not feel badly if we’re not ready for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  The season of advent is about anticipation and getting ready.  We go through the traditions to warm up and prepare our souls for the coming of Christ. 

This year, I wasn’t quite ready.  My soul isn’t quite there yet.  But going with the flow, being in the moment and anticipating the joy to come is helping me turn the corner. 

Have you turned the corner yet?  What helps you transform your holiday spirit? 

 photo credit: seemownay

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3 comments to turning the Christmas corner

  • I have definitely not turned the corner yet. I’m getting there, though. I think.

    The Christmas train around our tree helps me. (Its a cool Lionel O Gauge that makes me feel like a little kid.)

    That’s when I’ll know I’ve turned the corer I guess. When I feel like a little kid again.

  • Here, it’s because the leaves still dot the landscape. Who can think of Christmas when still tempted to fall into a pile of leaves and revel? : )

    And… welcome to High Calling Blogs.

  • I appreciate your acknowledgment that a day on the calendar doesn’t automatically make it Christmas for you. As a pastor I feel as though I have one foot planted firmly in Advent and one(my planning foot)settling into Christmas, with an eye looking ahead to Epiphany and even Lent :)
    Our congregation’s Christmas handbell concert has helped me turn the corner – but at home it is putting up the tree and the Christmas village that takes me ’round the bend!
    Thanks for the chance to think about this!

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