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Dont slip!

Oh, what a difference a split second makes! 

Yesterday, I was cruising through my Christmas errands:  picking up this, dropping off that, baking up this, shipping off that, stopping by here, shopping by there, and transporting people from place to place.  A light snow fell, promising a white morning blanket and lifting my Christmas spirits.  I was “on”:  energetic, cheerful, and embracing the season with joy.  I squeezed in one last thing before heading home, swinging my car into a great parking space (score!).  As I pranced across the parking lot,


I found myself flat on my back, keys flung across the lot, wind knocked out of me, and not quite sure how to get myself up again.  I slowly eased up, practicing my old Lamaze breathing through the pain, and climbed (sort of) onto my feet.  No one was around except a rough-looking man on a smoking break who walked over to check on me.  He showed kindness by finding my keys, helping me up and making sure I was able to walk.  He said, “hey, I know back injuries, so take it easy, okay?”  I shuffled through my last errand and headed home, grateful for the very short drive.

I’ve lived in Michigan 17 years, and I’ve never fallen that hard on the ice.  I saw stars and my lower back throbbed.  I could still move gingerly, so I didn’t think I was seriously injured, but I was scared it was going to get worse.  I positioned myself flat on the floor, my sweet dog snuggling up to me, and just waited for my hubby to come home.

So much for productivity. 

Today, thanks to lots of ibuprofen (the wonder drug), I’m doing okay, but I’m creaking around like an old lady.  Every move, such as putting on one’s socks, takes considerable thought and deliberation.  So I must find a new rhythm for the next couple of days.  Some things must go.

This little experience has made me wonder a few things:

  1. Was this meant to happen?  To get me out of “doing“, and into “being“?  Today I recline, enjoying my beautiful tree, and sort out what really needs to get done.  Last night, the kids gathered around my nest and we just talked for a good while.  A blessing.
  2. Was the man who helped me in the parking lot some sort of angel?  Perhaps not, but it’s fun to believe he was.
  3. Does this get me out of sending “a couple dozen cookies” to every holiday event?  How liberating!  What conspiracy decided every mother needed to bake forty dozen cookies to distribute around town in December?  Who eats all of those cookies, anyway?  Is this really a good thing?  This might merit a separate post.

As my meds kick in this morning, I’m thinking my little “splat” experience might have been a blessing in disguise.  I’m grateful my injury seems to be stiff, aching, muscles, not severe damage.   So I sit (recline) in my living room, looking for the gifts to add to my list.

What about you?  What might help you “be” rather than “do” this season?

photo credit: Great Beyond

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4 comments to splat

  • Pam: sorry to hear about your accident! Your incident reminded me of somthing I just recently read…I think that you need to add a post to Rodney Curtis’ blog where he says: “One of my habits is making notes about coincidences that occur in my life. If you try it, you’ll get hooked, too. Everyone has coincidences and if they’re not too personal to jot down, hopefully we’ll start to see a pattern. I think coincidences are some type of Post-It notes handed to us from whomever our creators are.” See: http://www.readthespirit.com/spiritual_wanderer/

  • What a great post! I’m so sorry to hear that your extraordinary productive day came to a halting screech, but I love your reflections – reflections you probably couldn’t even have mustered if you hadn’t fallen flat on your back. We all need to be reminded that we need to slow down and smell the flowers. Unfortunately, it’s not in most of our nature, unless we are forced.

    Enjoy the down time, the time to reflect, the time to cross off some of those things which just can’t get accomplished now (and probably never really needed to be in the first place) and heal. Savor the moment, and enjoy the holidays!

  • pam

    Hi everyone,
    Thanks so much for your well wishes on and offline. I’m feeling much better now, and sidelined for a different reason–snowed in. Perfect for Christmas!

  • Mama Lacy

    Be Careful, special Mom. You are precious.

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