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have you been moved?


Yesterday our pastor discussed the mysterious sliding rocks of Racetrack Playa in Death Valley, California.  Apparently these huge, heavy boulders move hundreds of feet without explanation.  The tracks show clear evidence of movement, but science can’t precisely explain how or why it happens.  Is it wind, ice, earth, animals, or some combination?  Theories abound, but the mystery still prevails. 

Using this illustration, Doug prodded us to contemplate the culmination of 2008.  We may feel pretty much the same day to day, but over the course of a year, we’ve probably moved from one place to another.  Was it by our own efforts, circumstance, the economy, politics, or some greater plan?  We can’t say for sure, but the fact remains, we’ve probably been moved, changed, or transformed in some way. 

Have you been moved this year?

I’ve been moved by many things–to name just a few: 

  • the tranformational growth of my children:  of my eldest to a teenager, of my middle one to a pre-teen, and of my littlest to a lanky girl no longer so little
  • the depth of this internet community of openness with privacy, transparency with mystery, and support without obligation 
  • the selfless support of my family, church and community

Even if I don’t feel like I’ve changed so much, I’ve surely been moved.  And when we move, we leave tracks.

What tracks have you left behind?

I hope and pray that I’ve left some tracks of loving care.  I’m quite sure I’ve skidded a few times, and when I’ve scorched the earth, I hope I’ve made good repairs. 

And finally,

What will move you in 2009?

We may not have complete control, but we do have some influence.  Will we drift with the winds of the times?  Or will we set our sights in a new, hopeful direction

I believe our goals, our energy, our prayers and affirmations can influence the direction of our tracks.  Most of all, I hope and pray my path is aligned with the One who directs the winds, that I’m able to clearly discern it, and that I’m brave enough to move forward. 

What about you? 

May your boulders be light and your path be clear in 2009.

Thanks to Doug Paterson for inspiration and to Seamonkey78704 for the photo.

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6 comments to have you been moved?

  • What an interesting rock phenomenon, I love things like this! And a very good analogy by your Pastor.
    I so agree with what you say about this internet community, it’s supportive in a different but no less valuable way than the ‘real’ world, and in fact I often find the semi-anonymity helpful.
    Here’s to laying down some good tracks in 2009, and I’m glad to have found your blog!

  • Carol H.

    It is funny how different people get different things from the same sermon. Though I agree with your feelings about the tracks we leave (and those in particular that we’ve left behind us in 2008), I came away wondering about the tracks into 2009 that I can’t see… and will I be able to move forward in faith without having tracks that show me where to go? Pastor Doug referred to the scripture that was read about Anna and Simeon. They could look at baby Jesus and see what he represented. They could know that God was present. What will move me with confidence into 2009 that God will always be present with me? May the tracks I left in 2008 be enough!

  • pam

    Tess: I’m so glad I found you too!
    Carol: Yes, thanks for reminding me about the faith to move through tracks we may not see, and how Anna and Simeon modeled that for us (Luke 2:21-40).

  • Pam,
    This is a thought-provoking essay, and I love the metaphor. Sometimes I look back and am surprised to see that I’ve moved or made any progress at all this year … like those mysterious boulders you mention. I sat down with my journal yesterday and wrote down my aspirations (not resolutions) for 2009. I felt very hopeful and good when I did.

    Despite the changes and challenges for our troubled economy, I think we’ve all become stronger people. We will move ahead (visibly or invisibly). Thanks so much for your friendship and support in recent months! Happy New Year!

    Cindy La Ferle’s last blog post..Starting the year Wright

  • Pam…what a thoughtful take-away from an interesting sermon topic. It has been quite a “moving” year for me. It was kind of like being smelted in a volcano and belched out onto a mission field. Now I am looking forward to turning my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder into something that glorifies God and helps other parents facing a congenital Mt. Vesuvius. Afterall, you’re right..who needs a gym to get a good (spiritual) workout ;-)

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