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when winter comes

Strawberry Road and RED leafs

Winter has arrived in Michigan.  It does every year, but somehow it catches us by surprise.   With a slight dusting of snow, cars spin out to wreak havoc on the morning commute.  The salt trucks arrive late.  People forget winter driving skills.  We slip and slide on driveways and parking lots, re-learning how to carefully tread on icy ground.  Still, we do develop the skills to get through the winter.  And eventually, spring comes again.  Every year, without fail.   

Our state is extra vulnerable to the cold winds right now.   As markets tumble, we brace ourselves, with thousands of jobs hanging in the balance.  Even those more insulated feel the chill.   Powerful CEOs of giant corporations find themselves begging for enough to survive the winter.  Still, I believe the American auto industry will survive this storm in some form or fashion.  It may be a long winter, and there certainly will be casualties.  I don’t know quite how it will look, but I have faith that spring will come.     

At home, flurries fly, with a teenager, tween, and drama queen testing and sparring and finding their places.  We work to keep our home cozy and insulated.  But last night I made a mistake.   Just between adults, I cracked open the door on a sensitive topic.  And then, unnecessarily, I flung it open wide, letting the cold winds of fear, resentment, and tears blow in.  I brought a chill into our home, and it took time to thaw and warm up again.  Still, this morning, a hint of spring.  Love and grace prevail with tender hugs and kind words.   

So what shall we do when winter comes?   How do we cope when it comes rushing in upon us, or even when we bring it on ourselves?  It helps me to take the long view.  Sooner or later, I have faith that spring will come in some shape or form.  God has shown me this time and time again.  We have our part to play–our responsibility to listen, plan ahead, love, confess and forgive.  We stay in relationship to support one another through the storm.  And we remember what gifts we have to see us through.

Today, I add these to my list of gifts:

  • a faith that spring will come
  • stable finances
  • a well insulated house
  • plenty of warm clothing
  • a husband who always forgives me in the morning
  • the beautiful post at Holy Experience that inspired me today

May we appreciate and utilize our gifts to help us through life’s winter storms.

What about you?  How do you find hope when winter comes?

This post also appeared on Blogger’s Annex, where you can find more comments. 

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2 comments to when winter comes

  • HI! Lovely post, lady. I like how you think :) So much fun to see you on the Annex!

    I’ve been trying to figure how to contact you in response to your willingness to guest post over at the EO. I couldn’t figure out how to comment (I’m slow) and couldn’t find an email.

    Now I finally figured it out.

    Could you email me? fullcircle_doula@yahoo.com

  • pam

    This post also appeared on Blogger’s Annex on November 11. Click the link on the right to see many comments.

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