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the fantasy reunion

It's a Party

If money were no object, how would you plan the perfect reunion?

I would invite friends and family who have scattered all over the world and bring them together.  I’d include people from my hometown I haven’t seen in ages, people from college, colleagues from my professional career days, and friends with whom I’ve lost touch.  I’d make sure every cousin, great aunt, and long lost friend was invited.  They wouldn’t be pressured to come, of course, but I’d cast the net widely so everyone could be included.

It would be so fun to introduce my friends from different walks of life.  Those with different political persuasions might find something in common (they’d have me, at least), and might even know mutual friends.  They could invite those friends to the party too, and more people would find interesting things to share.  

I’d leave the dress code open.  I might try a theme, but hey, if someone shows up in his pajamas, that’s cool.  We’d have a variety of nourishment, so everyone could imbibe what she likes or try something new.  We’d have games, activities, and breakout projects to keep things lively and fun

What if things get awkward, say perhaps, Uncle Bob drones on about inappropriate topics?  I’d have a magic wand that would turn down his volume so we have a little less of Uncle Bob.  Everyone would have her own wand, so she could customize her experience at the reunion.  People could stay as long as they like, or just pop in and go on their merry ways.

How fun it would be to reconnect with so many different people in my life. 




I know, I’m probably the last blogger to get a clue, but I just joined a few days ago and it’s changing my world.   I’m from that in-between generation a bit skeptical about social networking, but thought I’d better take the plunge before my kids do.  What a blast from the past!  I’m reconnecting with people from high school, other places I’ve lived, and even busy friends here at home.  And it doesn’t cost a dime.  Except a lot of time, if you allow it.   I can’t wait to get going on Twitter, but I’ll have to set some ground rules first.  For myself.  So the kids get fed once in awhile. 

What about you?  Are you on Facebook?  Wanna be my friend?

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