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we are richly blessed

This weekend, I’m enjoying the luxury of being a guest in my husband’s childhood home.  It’s not often that I get to sleep in, enjoy great food and wine, and relax with my extended family.   Both G and I are so thankful that both sets of our parents are healthy, happy and fun to [...]

the fantasy reunion

If money were no object, how would you plan the perfect reunion?
I would invite friends and family who have scattered all over the world and bring them together.  I’d include people from my hometown I haven’t seen in ages, people from college, colleagues from my professional career days, and friends with whom I’ve lost touch.  I’d [...]

the view from Motown

You might not be caught up in the economy issues (yet!), but I just wanted to share a few insightful articles on the view from our neck of the woods:
Cindy La Ferle on bailouts and jumpstarts
Mitch Albom’s fantasy “If I had the floor at the auto rescue talks”
Mitt Romney discussing why the Big Three needs [...]

could you use a gratitude adjustment?

I sure could! 
This article from Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller always gives me a lift.  I’m printing my favorite snippets; please read the complete article here.
Special Thanks This Thanksgiving
By Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller
Millions of parents will pause this Thanksgiving to do what the day was originally created for — give thanks for the many [...]

oops! did I marry a terrorist?

Of course not.  Neither is he a gluttonous fat cat nor a boneheaded buffoon.  My dear husband is, however, employed by one of the Big Three auto companies, and therein lies the rub.  With the rhetoric flying around capitol hill this week, you would think everyone at the Big Three is lounging around, smoking cigars, [...]

finding the gift

“Mom, what’s good about mosquitos?”
My kids ask this on a regular basis, because I taught them to look for a good purpose for everything.  We’re still debating what purpose mosquitos serve beyond spreading disease and feeding bats.  Of course, I do understand natural selection, and the mosquito question is one of the smaller evils that can stump us, [...]

on family photos

We took family portraits this weekend.  We don’t do this on a regular basis like some families do.  It happens sporadically.  One year I thought, “Oh my gosh!  A’s teeth are all falling out!  We need to get a family photo while the kids still have those cute white baby teeth!”  Or, I’ve rummaged through all the snapshots [...]

before you start shopping

Only 41 more days until Christmas! 
For those who celebrate Christmas (or any other December holiday), how does that make you feel?  Excited, energized, and full of joy. . . or stressed, panicked, and overwhelmed? 
Before you jump onto that Christmas machine, take a look at this video (it does have a Christian focus, and I [...]

be a peace keeper

Ah, the holdays are coming. . . and all that that entails, with high expectations, family gatherings, and of course, peace and joy throughout the world.   Right?
Today I came across this article on RealSimple.com that might be useful in the next couple of months, or really any time of year, to keep lines of communication [...]

when winter comes

Winter has arrived in Michigan.  It does every year, but somehow it catches us by surprise.   With a slight dusting of snow, cars spin out to wreak havoc on the morning commute.  The salt trucks arrive late.  People forget winter driving skills.  We slip and slide on driveways and parking lots, re-learning how to carefully [...]